bellydance aziza dreamcamp with amy

August 12-18th, 2018
Welcome to Double Dare Dreamcamp!
with Aziza and guest instructor Amy Sigil

Aziza is thrilled to welcome Unmata founder and I.T.S. creator Amy Sigil as a guest instructor for a special INCLUSIVITY Dreamcamp! Aziza has admired Amy's creativity and unapologetic authenticity for over a decade. Now you have the opportunity to spend a week sweating, playing, creating, exploring, and sharing with both Aziza and Amy. Dare to challenge your perceptions. Aziza and Amy have more than 50 years combined experience in teaching and performing dance. Come see what happens when two titans of seemingly opposite genres come together share their art. Receive intense and focused classes exploring technique, fitness, improvisation, veil, finger cymbals, combinations, choreography, and performance from both a Tribal Fusion and an Oriental perspective, a Double Dare Dreamcamp!