eric Eric Perreault

Eric Perreault was born in Montreal, Canada in 1967. He is a graduate from the acting studio in New York and has worked as an actor in both Film and television. In 1998, he co-found Netcast Casting House and Netcast Productions, in which he played different roles, both as casting director and producer. He has produced television commercials and played an important role in the development of many television projects. In 2005 he co-founded with film director Dominic James BreakFree Pictures. Since then, he has sold Netcast Casting House and Netcast Productions and has put together the administration team behind BreakFree Pictures.


Maysam happily discovered belly dance in 2004. Since then, she became a distinguished teacher and an accomplished dancer, known for her refined style and her grace, inspired by numerous workshops, mostly from her mentor, Aziza. Today, she devotes herself full-time to his art and, since January 2013, she is the Director of Studio Danse Mirage and Danse Orientale Mirage troupe that notably won the gold medal at the competition of AQDO.Her dream is to live and share her passion for many years to come!